Translator,ENG and CZK

Job description

Translation / transcription of marketing materials from English into Czech.
The quality of the translation is first. The result of your efforts should be a translation supported by a search that works naturally, readily, freshly and originally on the target reader.
It translates so-called e-commerce content, especially product descriptions. It works in CAT tools. Additionally, it is necessary to maintain translation memories, terminology databases and proofreading texts.
They will teach you and will be the team of OLIVER localization project managers working in Amsterdam. The team takes care of all OLIVER e-commerce translators around the world.

We are looking for someone who has:

rich experience as a translator, copywriter or editor (required).
Advanced skills in using CAT tools (welcome).
excellent English and native speaker of Czech (necessary).
good communication skills and good teamwork (required).
experience with a team that is not available locally and who is used to short terms (welcome).
experience with marketing texts and SEO (welcome).


3+ years of translation experience, whether in translator position or similar.

Bachelor or higher education in the field of translation, interpreting or marketing communications.

If you are interested, please email us at <>. We look forward to you!

OLIVER values

We stand behind our values, we stick to them both in creative work for our clients and in the care of our employees:


trying to identify opportunities to increase the contribution of Oliver Marketing
tries to identify opportunities to improve themselves
It’s always constructive
It seeks to reflect the motto of society, and that it is important for growth to constantly seek new ways of improving work


Can find several solutions for the problem
It initially comes up with proposals for improvement
It offers alternative methods, trying to overcome conventions

consistency with the creative and leadership philosophy of OLIVER
He works on himself, inspires others
Solves problems and challenges constructively and positively
Motivates others
It has high standards but can meet
He has good leadership skills
Communicates positively with both clients and colleagues
It achieves excellent results
He is humble and honest
They value the values of others
Provides positive and constructive feedback

To apply , please click on this link

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